This is an App developed using Microsoft's Xamarin and .Net frameworks, using the MVVM pattern, with screens developed in XAML and the view models and code behind written in c#. It was built with Visual Studio for Mac Community Edition. Just Write! empowers writers to focus on the writing and keep track of all their writing projects in one place.

John created this app because he felt the JustRead! app needed a matching app. The techniques used in creating JustWrite! further advanced John's knowledge of Xamarin and app development.

Ideas and inspiration come to mind in snippets at a time. Whether you are working on that novel, writing that blog, keep that journal, or just capturing ideas, use this app to collect all your projects in one place. The simple interface empowers you to focus on your thoughts, so that you can Just Write!

The app is available on Android and iOS. You can get it on Google Play or download on the App Store.

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store


  • ** Fully free app with optional in-app purchases as donations to support the developer.
  • keep projects of snippets of text together in one place
  • easily add or remove projects and snippets
  • have an option to edit snippets in a full-size entry box
  • move projects around
  • move snippets around and into other projects
  • search for text in your projects and snippets
  • change the color theme of the screen
  • easily navigate between projects by swiping left or right
  • quickly navigate using the buttons at the top
  • save snippets, projects or everything to text or html files
  • share snippets, projects or everything to other apps
  • backup and restore the entire app database
  • upload writing to Blogger, Medium, WordPress