EasyVirtuals allows real estate professionals to create property tours for their real estate listings. It was developed as a classic Microsoft ASP.NET web forms application in Visual Studio.

This solution started as something John created to showcase his brokerage's own lisitngs but later made into a separate site that real estate professionals from other companies can use. The nominal cost for each tour allows the site to be maintained and kept in service.

EasyVirtuals makes it easy for real estate professionals to upload photos of their property listing and showcase the property using one or more pages, including a gallery, a slideshow, a map, an embedded video, panorma scenes, floor plans and other documents, nearby schools and amenities, a mortgage analysis tool and a contact form. Realtors can order a basic or advance tour, or get a free trial from easyvirtuals.com. Tours are standalone in the sense that Realtors don't need to register for an account - they simply purchase a tour, upload photos, configure and they're set. That also means tours are harder to keep track of. That's one reason omnivisuals.com was created (see above).